10 years since the creator of Bitcoin disappeared, the last post of Satoshi

Mysterious creator of the world’s most popular cryptomeda disappeared and never went online on the forum or anywhere else.

Satoshi Nakamoto is the pseudonym that created Bitcoin. Nowadays several people would like to know who can be the person behind the name, but until today this is one of the greatest mysteries of cryptomeda. Exactly 10 years ago Satoshi published one last message in a forum before disappearing and never being seen again.

On December 12th, 2010 Satoshi was last seen publishing a text on the Bitcointalk forum. His message was not a farewell or anything like that, the text made it clear that he was working hard on Bitcoin, citing that he was developing a security module for digital currency.

„There is more work to do on DoS[…], the software is not resistant to DoS attacks. This is an improvement, but there are still more ways to attack than I can count“.

Since then the mysterious creator of the world’s most popular cryptomeda has disappeared and has never been online again on the forum or anywhere else. Information about who he might actually be has never appeared, and therefore Satoshi’s identity has never been revealed.

The sudden disappearance is also sad, after all, if he never said goodbye, how can his fans know if he is ok? Is he still alive? Will he appear one day?

The wallets assigned to Satoshi Nakamoto never moved a penny. Anyway, the genius of cryptomorphs decided to remain anonymous. And there are many people who prefer it that way.

Now, 10 years have passed since Satoshi disappeared, the cryptomime created by him is world leader, a Bitcoin is worth $ 19,000, the currency was considered the best asset of the decade and there is no sign that cryptomime will cease to prosper.

During all this time many people have tried to claim the identity, but none of them managed to prove it. The most bizarre of all was Craig Wright, who later became known as faketoshi due to his desperate and failed attempts to prove himself as Satoshi.

The real Satoshi always worked in anonymity, and even with the success of the coin he remains so. It seems he doesn’t like the spotlight much, even being a world hero who created a protocol that is revolutionizing the world.

Some studies try to discover who he is through stylometry, and a more recent one claims that he lived in London. But everything is speculation. The truth is that we will only know who he is on the day he wants, and if he wants.